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A modern fairytale—but with zombies. When the sheltered and unsocialized Oliver (Max Harwood) is tasked with making new friends after the sudden and devastating death of his mother, he decides that digging a few up (literally) might be his best bet. However, when he awakens the morning after his excavating escapades, he discovers that his newly acquired friends have mysteriously come to life overnight, launching them all into a series of misadventures as they try to keep their secret safe from neighbors, bullies, and social workers alike.

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Where are you from?
South London.

What’s your favorite thing you’re wearing right now?
The shoes man, just started on ‘em. Gotta start with the best. Fendi is looking after us with this outfit.

What are you reading right now?
Lots of scripts. Lots of good ones, some bad ones. Mostly good ones. I read so many scripts that I find it hard to read books. But I just finished The Wire. Now I’m straight on to The Sopranos.

What would you cook for someone on a first date?
My mum used to make this amazing cottage pie. Basically beef mince with tomato sauce, a bunch of seasoning, ground up potato on top. I call it a Shepherd’s Pie, but I’m always corrected and told it’s not a Shepherd’s Pie. It’s my take on a Shepherd’s Pie.

What was your big break?
It would have to be the After movies. I was lucky enough to work on Harry Potter when I was really young, which is obviously massive, but After was my first big lead role.

What’s a secret you’re comfortable sharing with the world?
There are no secrets I’m comfortable sharing with the world, otherwise they wouldn’t be secrets.

Who’s your favorite photographer of all time?
Remind me of your name again, sir?


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