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The first time we spoke to Hero Fiennes Tiffin, in May 2020, the British actor confessed that becoming the ‘face’ of a brand felt surreal. His gentle pout and dark features had just been tapped to represent Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo, and American eyewear label Oliver Peoples. Suddenly, his face was appearing on posters, billboards and in glossy magazines everywhere.

“It’s one of the more surreal feelings,” said Fiennes Tiffin, of running into colossal, two-dimensional versions of himself when out in his hometown of London. “Because I didn’t set out to do it intentionally, I feel like I’ve got a bit lucky.”

Superdry would beg to differ. Late last year, the British denim and sportswear brand invited Fiennes Tiffin to become the face of its new campaign, which was appropriately titled ‘Rebels and Heroes’. Once again, his porcelain skin (and sculpted biceps – refer to the image above) were everywhere. Naturally, we had to know whether it was something the After actor was growing used to.

“Yeah, I think I’m slowly adapting to those kinds of things, but it’s always a surprise… Every time I see myself on a billboard, I have a small moment within myself where I realize how crazy it is. I’m very grateful. I’m definitely getting more used to it, but I don’t think it will ever feel normal.”

It’s this down to earth-ness that makes Fiennes Tiffin such an eligible heartthrob – he’s got the aura of a star but the attitude of a guy next door, which seems to be what today’s cohort of sensible teens look for in a crush.

But beyond that, the 23-year-old’s vibe is very on-brand for Superdry, which is known for making low-key pieces like tracksuits and denim that looks slick.

The connection between brand and babe runs deeper than a vibe, though. “The brand has been around for a while, a wide variety of people who seem to have at least one garment of Superdry in their wardrobe,” explains Fiennes Tiffin of his decision to align with Superdry. “The team behind the brand and the team behind the campaign itself were all amazing and talented people,” he says, adding, “I also knew I’d be in great company, because David Beckham and Idris Elba have all done Superdry campaigns. So it was a no brainer.” True.

Superdry’s AW20 collection, which Fiennes Tiffin is demoing in the campaign images you see here, arrived in Australian stores this week. Among the pieces available is a bomber jacket, which is evocative of the kind of thing the actor’s character in the After film series, Hardin, might wear. Embroidered in cursive font on the back of the jacket are the words, Never Won, a nod to the Rebels and Heroes theme.

“I feel like we all have a part of our personality that knows what the right thing to do is and the right way to behave, and a lot of the time, that aspect is kind of sleeping within us, because everything around us can point in the other direction,” says Fiennes Tiffin when we ask what the campaign title means to him.

“Sometimes you have to dig within yourself to rebel or to be heroic, and change what’s wrong [or] be the first one to set that trend.

“I think that happens a lot in fashion, where you have to rebel or be heroic to start a trend or change fashion. To be at the forefront of those kind of things.”

The jury’s still out on whether we can call them a ‘trend’, but we must call it out: Fiennes Tiffin was making sweatpants look chic well before they came the antihero of our lockdown wardrobes. And according to the actor, Superdry makes a flawless pair.

“They are so comfy and warm, perfect for the winter and for walking round on a cold morning set.” We’re sold.


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